Christmas Film 2013
Click here to watch our latest film for Christmas 2013.
Jacodu Education Project
A short film highlighting the progress of the Education Program and information for the next stage of its development.
Focus on HIV/AIDS
Love Light Romania provides support and services to those infected with HIV/AIDS and those who's lives have been affected by the virus.
Tackling Poverty
Love Light Romania is committed to tackling poverty at the root of the problems and we strongly believe that education is the key to breaking these cycles of poverty.
Jacodu Nativity Film
This Christmas the children on the Jacodu Children's Project produced a Nativity Story. Watch the film here and see the difference and progress the project is making.
4x4 Challenge
Participate in the 4x4 Challenge within the beautiful Cindrel Mountains in Romania and help raise funds to support Love Light Romania.

HIV/AIDS Support

Love Light Romania is dedicated to providing support services to children, teenagers & families affected by HIV/AIDS.

End of Life Care

We believe that everyone has the right to die with dignity, where they can access medication and not be alone.

Tackling Poverty

Understanding poor family communities, instead of judging them, helps us to stop cycles of poverty in future generations.

Where we work

We have been working in the area of Transylvania, since 2000. We have projects in Mediaș, Sighişoara and Târgu Mureș.

Love Light Romania needs your help!

Love Light Romania relies solely on private gifts and donations for its projects to continue, expand and launch of new programs. All sponsorship goes directly to the project and not on the salaries of directors. Please help us by making a donation, act now to make a difference by clicking the link on the right. You can make a single donation or setup a monthly standing order. Thank you for your support.

Latest Multimedia

Christmas Film 2013

The children of The Sanctuary and those from the Jacodu Children's Project work together to provide hope for the children in the poor community of Albest.

World AIDS Day 2013

Jo Jowett of Love Light Romania reflects upon the lives of those who have lost their fight to AIDS and also those who are still fighting against the disease.

Education Program – Next Stage

A short film highlighting the progress of the Education Program and information for the next stage of its development.

Summer Activity Program

This film follows the progress of the children from the Jacodu Children's Project and their experiences on the Summer Activity Program.

A Year in Memories

A short montage film of memories, people and the projects over the last year at Love Light Romania.

Jacodu Education Project

A film which looks at the progress being made on the Education Program which is part of the Jacodu Children's Project.

Jacodu Nativity Film

This Nativity film, featuring the children of Jacodu, represents the potential in children who live a feral life.

Bubu – Final Days

A short film about the life of Bubu, his final days and the time he spent at the Sanctuary of Love Light Romania.

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Our Target Group

  • HIV/AIDS Support

    Love Light Romania is dedicated to providing support services to children, teenagers & families affected by HIV/AIDS in Romania. With a policy that says you are not dying of AIDS but living a healthy & productive life with HIV.
  • Poverty

    Love Light Romania poverty project, is not just supporting families existing on a minimum income, it is about understanding why children who live a feral life, cannot attend school. The aim is, through education, ending cycles of poverty in future generations.
  • Respite Care/End of Life Care

    Gives an environment where there is no discrimination or disdain. Providing healthcare, nutrition and support services. A caring program, working within the community, supporting as well, families affected by HIV/AIDS. When facing the final stage of AIDS we often see our service users desperate, lonely, anxious, without medications. We believe at end of life dignity and peace is very important and the knowledge there is support to those left behind.

Latest Love Light News


  • Since the formation of Love Light Romania many children now have a quality of life they must never have envisaged. While I stayed with them it was great to see them so happy and for those who were not so well the care and attention they got was amazing. Every penny raised for Love Light helps the disadvantaged in so many ways through their various projects. It is a privilege to be able to help them and may God bless them in all they do.
    Audrey Pegrum MBE, Teddies For Tragedies
  • Living Well Church is delighted to be connected with the work of Love Light Romania. We have been involved since 2008 and it forms a significant part of our mission activity as a church. We have raised money and have also had the opportunity to travel to Romania and provide hands on support. The work carried out by Love Light is really important and carries a Christian ethos. We look forward to being involved and partnering with them for many years to come.
    Marcus Abbott, Pastor, Living Well Church
  • For anyone who has ever loved a child, you will be moved by the extraordinary work of Love Light Romania. It has given these children love and hope, when they were faced with loneliness and despair. If you are lucky enough to see the work of Love Light Romania, it will make an impression on you that will last a lifetime.
    Robin Nydes, F.R.O.D.O.
  • Recently we made a visit to the project at Jacodu and on the way back we stopped at the homes of the families who use it. It made me realise the massive difference Love Light Romania make to people living in desperate poverty, who would otherwise remain forgotten and excluded from society. Love Light Romania knows that helping the children gain confidence and skills through education can be a first step towards breaking the cycle of poverty which traps them.
    Ed Gifford